The Winter Garden has its own Magic


This time of year, as we scramble to put away the patio furniture and deal with heaps of fallen leaves, it’s easy to forget that the winter garden offers its own magic. IMG_9995.jpg

Meanwhile planning is underway for another Long Branch Garden Tour for June of 2019. If you live in Long Branch and love to garden, please consider participating. It’s going to be another  memorable garden tour to celebrate Long Branch’s 135th birthday in 2019 and we’d love it if you would join us.

Gardens of ALL shapes and sizes are welcome. New gardens, heritage gardens, fairy gardens, veggie gardens, first-ever gardens – if you garden in Long Branch you’re welcome in the tour.IMG_9996.jpg

What’s involved? If you participate, expect lots of people to come around for a look at your garden. It’s a great chance to chat with other gardeners and to show off your own great ideas!

If you’re interested, of if you have some questions, please send us an email.


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