Catch 2 FREE seminars during the garden tour

At 9:15 AM on June 23, we’re going to hold an official kick-off for the garden tour in Nadia’s gardens at 2 Twenty Eighth St. Immediately after the brief opening ceremony, enjoy Helen Battersby’s talk, Eat Your Garden – cool plants you didn’t know you could eat – plus ornamental uses for everyday edibles. Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 11.42.19 PM.jpg

Helen Battersby is a grad of Ryerson University’s Landscape Design program and has spent over 12 years as a volunteer with the Toronto Master Gardeners. As a member of the Association for Gardening Communicators, Helen has been published in GardenMaking and Trellis magazines, and in the UK digital magazine IntoGardens. Along with her sister Sarah, she writes the award-winning blog

At 1:00, join Jennifer Arnott in the event space at Thrive Organic Kitchen and Cafe for: Turn one plant into two or more: learn how to divide common garden plants and root cuttings to grow your plant collection. Thrive is also an excellent choice for a delicious lunch before continuing on the tour!



Jennifer Arnott is the writer and photographer behind, a blog she created to help people have a garden they can be proud of. Jennifer has been gardening since she was old enough to hold a shovel, but her enthusiasm really sprouted when she bought her first house and finally had some soil of her own to grow in. In short order she had replaced all of the lawn on the property with trees, shrubs, and perennials, along with a prolific vegetable garden. In 2012 her front yard was awarded Runner Up for Best Garden of the District in the City of Toronto’s Great Gardens Contest. Jennifer has a Certificate in Horticulture Science from Humber College, along with degrees in Communication Studies from The University of Windsor.



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